Portable Machine Tools for On-Site Machining: Surfacing, Boring, Threading, Counterboring, Tapping, Resurfacing, Grinding, and Conical Machining.


The High Performance Portable Machining Solution

Simplicity: Rapid Installation and Ease of Use

Safety: Cold Machining with No External Moving Parts

Accuracy: Machining Accuracy to 0.01mm (.0004″) and Surface Finishes to Ra 1.6

Reduction in Operator Hours: Higher productivity, Rapid, Accurate Set-up, and Optimized Handling

Surfacing and Boring Machines

XP Series Machines & Tilting Heads: 0 – 70mm (0 – 2.756″) Boring Depths

TU Series Machines: 0 – 500mm (0 – 19.685″) Boring Depths

TA Series Machines: 0 – 500mm (0 – 19.685″) Boring Depths PLUS 240mm (9.449″) in Axial Movement

Surfacing and Facing Machines

These machines are ideal for difficult machining requirements such as machining overlay welding, deep machining, and hard materials.

XP Series Machines: Portable equipment for facing flanges and valves.  10mm – 3100mm (0.4″ – 122″) diameter facing capacities.

MS Series Machines: Lightweight, compact with dual drive system. 0mm – 2300mm (0″ – 90.5″) diameter facing capacities.

S Series Machines: Quick and easy set-up. 90mm – 580mm (3.5″ – 22.8″) diameter facing capacities.

World Leading Machining Solutions with a complete line of Portable Machining Tools for on-site machining, maintenance and repair of flanges and valves for a wide variety of industries, including oil & gas, pipelines, nuclear power, defense, and heavy construction equipment.  Capabilities include boring and surfacing, grinding, threading, lapping, and specialty applications.