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Harris Machine Tools, Inc. has certified appraisers on staff ready to bid your next appraisal.

When you contract for a machinery appraisal with a member of the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA), you know you are dealing with an accredited appraiser whose profession is strictly machinery and equipment. At our firm, those members of our staff who are AMEA members have earned the right to display the AMEA seal and formulate reliable values of machinery on a true market basis.

Our AMEA appraisers are involved daily with the buying and selling of used machinery. The combination of this activity and our firm’s membership in the Machinery Dealers National Association is your assurance of professional and ethical appraisals.

Our AMEA accredited appraisers fully understand the implications of an appraisal in the marketplace and can provide professional evaluation of plants, production lines, or single machines.

An AMEA appraiser has…

  • Years of buying and selling in the same marketplace as he or she is appraising. This knowledge provides a better perspective with which to generate a quality evaluation, and afford the extra insight needed to provide accurate numbers.
  • Undergone extensive testing, and keeps up-to-date by regularly attending required seminars. AMEA appraisers learn from noted professional equipment specialists not only what values can be expected, but also what to look for in terms of conditions, accessories, tooling, and other value characteristics.
  • Appraisers are regularly reviewed by a committee of peers to be sure that they meet the required standards and procedures, and have a network of specialists in every industrial environment.

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