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Recent Harris Auctions

Recent Harris Auctions

Harris Auctions offers complete and customized auction services for managing your assets from start to finish, whether it is a plant shut down, facility relocation, or single or multiple machine assets. We provide all services necessary to catalog, photograph, video and post your assets to conduct live, live webcast and online only auctions.  Our marketing expertise and extensive global industry contacts allow us to effectively present your assets in the best possible light to maximize your return.

Timed Online Auction of Machine Tools and Surplus Assets of Major Oilfield Research & Development Center

December 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Surplus Assets to Several Fortune 500 Companies – Machining, Fabricating, Tooling, & Welding Equipment

November 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Mori Seiki Multi-Axis CNC Machines and Assets of Precision Machine Shop – Medearis Machine

October 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Surplus Assets of Tank and Vessel Manufacturer (Abilene, TX)

September 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Late Model CNC Machines and Assets of Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc.

August 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Precision Landis Pipe & Nipple Threading + CNC Machine Shop Assets – PNI Accuflo

July 2021

Live Webcast Auction of  Precision CNC Milling / Turning Machine Shop Assets – S&S Instruments

July 2021

Online Timed Auction of Surplus Assets to Major Air Conditioning/Mechanical Contractor

July 2021

Online Timed Auction of Surplus Assets to Major Commercial Electrical Contractor

July 2021

Online Timed Auction of Complete Assets of Handwheels, Inc.

June 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Complete Plant Support Machine and Fabrication Shop for a Major Pipe and Tubular Company

May 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop

April 2021

Online Auction of Precision Machine Shop Assets

March 2021

Live Webcast Auction of API Tubular and Casing Threading Facility

March 2021

Live Webcast Auction of Late Model Fluid Measurement Manufacturing Facility

December 2020

Live Webcast Auction – 3 Complete Plant Closures

December 2020

Live Webcast Auction of Large Vessel Manufacturing Facility

November 2020

Recent Projects

Major Oilfield Research & Development Center – Timed online auction of complete assets of a major international oil company’s Research & Development Center, including all machine tools, fabricating equipment, welding, and QA/QC equipment.

Multi-Location Auction – Live webcast auction of surplus assets of several Fortune 500 companies, including machine tools, fabrication equipment and welding equipment and consumables.

Medearis Machine Co. – Live webcast auction of Multi-Axis Mori Seiki CNC machines and other assets of a precision machine shop.

Major Tank & Vessel Manufacturer – Online auction of assets of a major Abilene Texas manufacturer of pressure tanks and vessels for the oil & gas business.

Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc. – Sale of complete assets of major manufacturer of separation equipment for agriculture, mining, and oilfield applications.

PNI Accuflo: Complete asset sales of large pipe and nipple threading facility, including large assortment of rare Landis single, double, and triple pipe and nipple threaders, CNC machines, Shop equipment, and more.

S&S Instruments: Live online webcast auction of a precision CNC milling and turning machine shop, including shop machines and equipment, tooling, QC and more.

EZ Mechanical Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractor: Sale of complete assets of large A/C and Mechanical contactor, including a large assortment of sheet metal forming and fabrication equipment, parts, and raw materials.

GL Gilbert Electrical Contractors: Auction of major electrical contractor assets, including lighting appliances and fixtures, wiring, cabling, parts and other valuable assets.

Handwheels Inc: Auction of all assets of a shop manufacturing handwheels for the oil & gas, petrochemical and water industries.  Including all machine tools, fab equipment, welding and shop equipment.

LaBarge Pipe and Steel: Auction of complete plant support machine shop and fabrication shop for a major pipe and tubular coatings manufacturer. The sale was for all assets, including chip making (lathes, mills, drills, saws, etc.) as well as fabrication equipment (press brakes, shears, plate rolls, angle rolls, etc.), and shop support machines and equipment.

Rice Metal Fabricators, Inc.: Live Online Webcast Auction of all assets of custom fabrication shop, including press brakes, shears, welding, CNC lathes, quality control, shop equipment and a very large assortment of raw materials.

Six Shooter Machine Works: Online Auction of all assets of small precision machine shop, including CNC lathe, engine and turret lathes, mills, lots of tooling, quality control, and shop equipment.

BHM Pipe and Supply: Live Online Webcast Auction of all assets of closed API Tubular and Casing Threading Facility.  Included large CNC hollow spindle lathes, bucking and break-out machines, large threaders, and other pipe processing equipment and tools.

WIKA: Live webcast auction of late model CNC and other assets of a large Fluid Measurement manufacturing facility.

National Oilwell Varco: Harris Auctions, in partnership with another auction company, successfully disposed of NOV’s surplus late model CNC machines.

Recent Projects

Muller (Dollins Tool): Company shut down their Missouri facility and selected Harris Auctions to catalog, market and auction the complete facility assets.  Video of Muller (Dollins Tool) Facility Ready for Auction

McIver and Smith Fabricators: Complete sale of all fabrication assets of a large vessel fabricator, including a large amount of raw materials and scrap.  Complete cleaning of facility and yard.

Talon Medical: Company outsourced manufacturing / fabrication operations and Harris Auctions was chosen to market their complete assets. Successfully disposed of all assets as well as a large amount of raw materials to customer’s satisfaction.

Tubular Makeup Technology: Company consolidating core operations. Harris Auctions provided complete services from cataloging, marketing and selling surplus assets of shut down facility, and leaving site facility cleaned and ready for new tenant.

Forum Energy Technology: Online auction of surplus manufacturing assets.

Big State Fabrication: Auction of all assets of manufacturing and fabrication company.

Martin Sprocket: Online auction of company assets.

MCR: Online auction of precision machine shop assets.

Advanced Welding Services: Online auction of assets.

NavMac: Online auction of facility assets.

Hoerbiger: Closure of company facility, auction of all assets, cleaning and leaving the facility ready for future move-in.

Ellwood Machining: Live webcast auction of machine shop assets.

South Texas Precision: Auction of assets of a high precision machine shop.

National Oilwell Varco (Sugar Land): Online auction of all facility assets, clean and leave facility ready for future move-in.

Forge USA Open Die Forging Facility: Purchase of company with revenue exceeding $60,000,000.  Sold company to competitor as an ongoing operation.

Machine USA: Conducted sale of complete facility for bank, exceeding $3,000,000.

USS Shenandoah: Purchased complete vessel after decommissioning by U.S. Navy.  Remove usable assets and partner with scrap company to completely break up vessel totaling more than 5000 tons.  Auction usable assets through online auction.

Sulzer Pumps: Purchase of 500,000 sq. ft. facility assets totaling more than $5,000,000.  Assist with removal and transfer of certain assets, and disposal of remaining.

Lamons Global: Purchase assets from (5) facilities in Asia, UK and South America, consolidate into one location and conduct sale exceeding $2,000,000.

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